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Redefining fashion resale

Quite literarily the meeting point between “new” and “old”, NOLD, redefines fashion resale with a leapfrog peer-to-peer hub that engages brands and their customers in the circular economy in the smartest, most seamless way to eliminate the impact of fashion.

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about us

Our why

NOLD's mission is to make fashion climate-positive by making circular fashion the easiest, most aesthetic and most profitable option both for brands, but also for the end consumers. We breathe technology and optimisation, and this is exactly what we are doing to all the existing data, resources, inventory - we put them together in the most elaborate hub-app ever built to power the fastest and most aesthetic resale listing in the world while in parallel empowering the brand and its customers to monetise on the resale, while doing great for the planet.


Getting in the press 

Now that we are official, we'd love to share the nitty gritty details about NOLD, how do we empower brands to embrace circularity, how do we go about assessing our impact and how do we plan to evolve in the fastest growing app starting this September.

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advisory board


Léon Evers

Alexis Cepeda Maule

Maÿlis Buonomo

Director, Brand Office Operations,


Managing Director, UK & Europe, Reformation

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Head of Social Impact & Sustainability Communication, CHLOÉ

Former Sustainability training,



Justine Liu

Former President & Chief Merchant,

Girlfriend Collective

Former Director of Brand marketing, Reformation



Sign up pre-launch, get £50

Sign up and get £50 in promotion credit assigned to your NOLD profile upon the launch. The promo credit allows you to promote your collection and resell everything you no longer wear in a matter of minutes!

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