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Redefining fashion resale

Quite literarily the meeting point between “new” and “old”, NOLD, redefines fashion resale with a leapfrog peer-to-peer hub that engages you and your customers in the circular economy in the smartest, most seamless way to eliminate the impact of fashion.

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Our why

NOLD's mission is to make fashion climate-positive by making circular fashion the easiest, most aesthetic and most profitable option both for brands, but also for the end consumers. We breathe technology and optimisation, and this is exactly what we are doing to all the existing data, resources, inventory - we put them together in the most elaborate hub-app ever built to power the fastest and most aesthetic resale listing in the world while in parallel empowering the brand and the reseller to monetise on the resale, while doing great for the planet.

How is NOLD
the best
resale platform


the fastest listing

in the world

By integrating your product database with an API or manually in our hub-like app, NOLD powers the fastest, most aesthetic listing in the world at the ease of a simple label scan or a product search. 

Everything from the original photos, to the description, price, composition and care label are automatically pre-filled.

Have a dedicated pre-loved hub for your brand

Once submitted, the product enters NOLD's world, where sellers and buyers could list, explore and shop multiple brands.


BUT... if your brand wishes to have a hub on it's own, NOLD enables you to have a customised landing page leading to yours and only yours pre-loved products.

Where sellers communicate, ship and pay seamlessly

As a peer-to-peer platform, buyers and sellers can chat with each other freely, generate a shipping label at the best rates and pay safely via Stripe.

Why should
you partner

Commercial Sustainability

Monetise on
every resale, boost loyalty & revenues

Right now, people are reselling your brand via independent platforms of which you earn nothing. 

Instead, you could invite your customers to resell something they no longer wear in the fastest, most seamless way with NOLD. 

Every time they resell a piece, you either earn a % of the transaction, or the value of the entire transaction against store credit. So now with NOLD, you've sold a piece that converts in future cash for your store. How beautiful is that?

Own your resale
environmental impact 

On average, re-circulating a piece prevents the likelihood of purchasing a new piece by 65%.  That is, there is a 65% smaller chance of new resources being used and later on thrown to a landill, virtually leading to net positive climate effect, as nothing was produced and nothing was wasted. 

On average, producing a new piece results in 3,040l of water used and 22kg of CO2eq. disposed. 

Thus every time a piece by your brand is resold, you have saved our Planet 1,976l of water and 14,4kg of CO2eq.


The most motivated and capable team in the world to pull it off

Backed by




Awarded by


Experience & education

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